Millions of Americans thrash around for their glasses every morning.  Others wake up to foggy contacts and wish there was a better way to see.  Those who found out about Lasik eye surgery open their once blurry eyes and are instantly able to see the alarm clock and the beautiful morning day – no glasses and no contacts. 

Lasik eye surgery, or Laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis, has changed the way millions of Americans have woke up for several years now.  Lasik eye surgery is a procedure that is designed to correct poor vision.  It is relatively painless and takes place in a simple office setting.   This technology is unique has reduced the need for millions of people to use glasses or contact lenses.  In most cases, people are able to discontinue their use all together and go about living a life with perfect vision.

If you are tired of your glasses or contact lenses and the hassles that go with them, then Lasik is probably something worth looking into for you.  Many people have been able to achieve 20/20 vision or at least lower their prescription if their vision is particularly bad.  It is very important for you to understand what you are getting into with any type of procedure and, as with all surgeries, there is always potential for complications.  Before going under the laser, you will want to do your research on the procedure and that’s where this eBook comes into play.  We will discuss everything that you need to know and do before you go in for surgery.