There are several things that you will need to do post-surgery to ensure good eye health and better vision.  You should always follow both pre-operative and post-operative instructions carefully. 

Do Not Drive
Your Lasik surgeon will tell you not to drive for a specific amount of time after surgery.  The time may depend on how well you are healing, but most patients are able to drive 48 hours for short distances after surgery.  If you are experiencing low light or night vision problems, then you may need to restrict your driving in the evenings for a few more days.  Also, depending on the type of work you do, you may need up to four days off of work after the procedure.  It is also important that you rest your eyes so that they can heal.

Do Not Miss Post-Operative Care Appointments
It is recommended that you make post-operative appointments to check the healing of the eyes.  These appointments are usually at one week, one month, and three months.  You may also have a six-month appointment.  These appointments are set before the surgery and keeping these appointments are important to track the healing progress after surgery.

Do Not Use Eye Make-Up
Most surgeons will recommend that you move all facial make-up and lotion.  Do not wear make-up for three days before the surgery and after surgery.  They will also ask that you refrain from wearing any lotions for up to 48 hours after the procedure.  Afterwards you will be able to wear make-up except eye make-up.  Eye make-up can be worn after about one week or when your surgeon gives you permission.  This is important because you do not want any foreign debris entering the eye and causing infection.  You may also accidentally poke your eye.  You can shower after the surgery, but you should not use and facial soap or facial washes for two to three days after surgery.

Do Not Touch the Eyes
Your surgeon will advise you to not touch your eyes for any reason.  You will be given eye drops, but nothing else should be placed in the eyes or eye area.  Most patients will be required to wear and eye shield while sleeping.  This helps to prevent accidental rubbing or poking.  Touching may cause contaminants to enter the eye and an increased chance of infection.  You may also damage the surgery area.

Do Not Do Any Strenuous Activity
Normal daily activities can be done after 48 hours.  Golf and light workouts are allowed one day after the surgery, but eye protection should be worn outside.  After 24 hours, you are able to read, work on the computer and watch television.  After three days, playing with children, sunbathing and sexual activity are allowed with proper eye protection.  After 7 days, jogging, biking, and lightweights are allowed.  If you are involved in extreme sports such as skiing, kayaking, skydiving or horseback riding, you will need to discuss these activities with your doctor.  You will generally have to wait 3 months before these activities can be resumed.